– Testimonial from Al Trevino

The purpose of this letter is to provide recommendation for Mr. Josh Broom as a qualified
mechanical/HVAC contractor and provide information relative to Mr. Broom’s HVAC knowledge and
professionalism. I have utilized Josh’s services as a residential HVAC contractor on several occasions,
and it is my opinion that Josh is extremely qualified both in terms of service work as well as providing
excellent customer satisfaction. Josh has trouble-shot HVAC systems for me on four separate instances
on four separate a/c systems, and was able to rectify all issues within short order. Josh is committed to
solving HVAC system problems, and works with the utmost professionalism. Being a mechanical
engineer, I am always interested in understanding the root cause of problems and failures, and Josh has
provided clear explanations as to the issues encountered with my particular systems, methods of
troubleshooting, and has provided a solution in a very timely fashion. Josh is an honest and reputable
HVAC professional, and I consistently recommend him to friends and coworkers because of his
knowledge, technical ability, professionalism, courtesy, and overall positive attitude. Josh and I have
engaged in numerous conversations regarding HVAC system troubleshooting, system sizing, equipment
maintenance requirements, and overall HVAC system operation, and it is apparent that he is well
educated and experienced in his field of expertise. In summary, I would highly recommend Josh as an
extremely qualified HVAC contractor/technician who insists on providing excellent service and sound
customer satisfaction.

As to the nature of my relationship with Josh, I have had no previous ties with him prior to my first
service call upon moving to Covington in 2015. We have developed a working relationship and
maintained communication solely through our interactions as service provider and customer. Because
of Josh’s ability and positive attitude, we have maintained communication, and I have willingly offered
myself as a reference for Josh due to his strong work ethic and technical knowledge.
If you have any questions, feel free to call me at the below contact information.


Testimonial from Larry Bates

He presented a professional attitude and removal/install was done in a timely and neat manner. I am extremely pleased with the new unit and duct work. I Highly recommend this company for heating and cooling service.


Testimonial from MaryAnn O’Brien

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Josh Broom when I was in desperate need of Heating repair.

My heater broke on New Year’s holiday weekend. Night temperatures were predicted to be in the 30s. Josh came out on a Saturday, fitting me in to his already booked schedule and completed the repair within minutes.  He told me that fortunately it was a simple repair and would probably keep working for a while but that I needed to plan on replacing the unit.  I had been told that I needed to start planning on replacing my AC/Heater over a year ago when it malfunctioned.

I asked Josh to give me a quote which he was able to complete the same day – again on a Saturday of a holiday weekend.  During the next week we scheduled for the replacement to begin the second week of January.

The job took two days as he promised when he delivered the quote.  Josh was prompt in his daily arrivals, efficient in the completion of the work and was very knowledgeable about his product.  I don’t think that I have ever had a home repair job run as flawlessly as this one.  And I know this to be a rare experience as I have been in the midst of multiple home repair projects since a tree fell on my house last May.

I highly recommend Josh Broom and his company without reservation.  I am a very satisfied customer.


Testimonial from Tony Puglia

I highly recommend Josh for all of your A/C needs. His service is impeccable.


Testimonial from Marlene and Tom Cendrick

Josh Broom was hired to provide a new and improved air condition system for my residence.     Josh accommodated us by meeting with us on three different occasions to answer our questions and concerns.   Josh displayed the knowledge and experience to satisfy our concerns and needs.

Josh was able to design an effective air conditioning system for our home and installed a new Carrier system that meets all our requirements.   The unit was installed in a timely manner and all clean up was completed.  Josh followed up at a later time to make sure that every room met the same temperature reading.
I can recommend Josh Broom as responsible, knowledgeable, and well equipped to perform his service.


Testimonial from Mark and Maureen Stephens

Josh Broom has been performing AC and Heating work for us for the past three years.  Josh has replaced and serviced several units for us and our family.  He has always been straight forward and honest.  Josh has provided excellent customer service and he is very responsive.  He has also come in the evenings and weekends to take care our emergency needs.

We highly recommend Brooms AC and Heating.


Testimonial from Michael McMillan

I would like to thank you for all to excellent serves that you provided at Church of the King and at my person house. Your honesty and integrity is above all. You were able to make temporary repairs, and order the necessary parts in a timely manner. The members at Church of the King didn’t even realize the AC system has been down.


Testimonial from David Rogers

Josh, thank you for doing an excellent job on repairing my heating unit earlier this month. You were very professional and and efficient in providing your services. We would recommend you to others regarding your company. We will use your services again when the need arises. Thank you.


Testimonial from Keith Warden

I have 2 AC systems in my home, one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Friday before Memorial Day
weekend of 2017, my downstairs AC quit working. Since I have a home warranty service, I contacted them and
surprisingly I was able to get a repairman out late that afternoon. After he diagnosed the problem, he told me
that my compressor had failed and it needed to be replaced. I was aware a failed compressor would mean that I
would probably have to replace the refrigerant as well. The repairman said that he would have to get
authorization from the home warranty company and they would let me know my cost. Also, he would not be able to return until the following week to replace the compressor. I also knew that the home warranty company
would pay very little for the refrigerant. Because I had R33, I knew my cost for the refrigerant would be very
expensive. I decided to get estimates to replace my AC system and upgrade to R410A.

Believing that AC contractors to estimate the cost of a replacement system would not be available till Tuesday (after Memorial Day), I decided to wait to start making contacts to AC contractors. On Monday (Memorial Day) I decided I could start leaving voice mail messages for AC contractors and to my surprise, I was able to get several contractors to come out to give me an estimate. Josh Broom was the third contractor to come out to give me an estimate. However, after I described to the problem to him and he checked the outside and inside system components, Josh told me that he would send the estimate to me, as the others did. Before Josh left he said, “let me take a look at your compressor”, because he thought that possibly he could get the AC system working for me. Something none of the other guys did. After he looked at the compressor, he said that he did not think it was bad and that the connections were just burned. He reconnected the wires, showed me what he did, and got me back in the cool! He also warned me that the connections could blow again in a while. When I asked about the cost he said “no charge”!

So, I was in the cool but, because of the system’s age and the refrigerant, I decided it really was time to replace the system. I now had the time to complete my contractor replacement analysis and was not in a rush thanks to Josh.

Josh Broom’s estimate was among the low bids I received and based upon the things we discussed, I believed he would do good job installing my replacement AC system. I selected him, but was a little apprehensive when he requested an advance deposit. I had been burned on another project by someone asking for an advance. However, I sensed due to Josh’s integrity, knowledge, and honesty, I would be OK choosing him. Also, knowing that his business was small, allowed me to get past my apprehension and I selected him for the work.

When installation time came, he did everything he said he would do and more. His work was professional. I would like to be able to tell you that his responsiveness on return call has been great, but I have not had to call him back for any problems. However, I do believe that if I had a problem, he would be on-site as soon as possible.

Yes sir, I recommend Josh Broom’s AC service!


Testimonial from Phillip Laughlin

I highly recommend Josh Broom, and the team at Broom’s A/C & Heating. 

When my home’s HVAC unit stopped working in August of 2017, I reached out to several local companies to bid the repair/replacement of my outdated system.  I also wanted to replace the duct work in my 40 year old home, as much of it was original and needed to go.

All of those I met with were knowledgeable, but none expressed the enthusiasm for their work like Josh.  His quote for the project was extremely fair and his timeline for completion fit my needs, so I hired him for the project.  It was probably the best home improvement hiring decision I’ve ever made.

Josh and his team’s work was impeccable.  They arrived on time and worked diligently to replace the HVAC system and duct work.  They were friendly, informative and extremely clean/neat during this project.  The finished product is better than I could have imagined.  I joke that my old dingy attic now looks like a wing of the International Space Station.  The new duct work is incredible.

The best thing I can say about the whole project is that, in the end, I came away as excited about my new HVAC as Josh was when describing his vision for the project during our first meeting. 

I have and will continue to recommend Josh and his team to anyone who is in need of quality HVAC services.

And We Have Many More By Request Too!

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