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The benefits of annual maintenance for your cooling system are both immediate and ongoing.  When you trust the upkeep of your air conditioner to Broom’s AC and Heating, we take the time to do the job right.  Through meticulous attention to detail, we inspect and optimize every component, ensuring that the system as a whole works at its best.  You’ll feel immediate results.  Greater cooling capacity, effective humidity control, and more complete filtration add up to superior comfort and a healthy living environment.  You’ll save money.  When your cooling unit operates in peak condition, it resists wear and tear, achieves maximum efficiency, and costs less to operate.  You’ll also enjoy greater value for your investment.  With annual service, the NATE-certified technicians fromBroom’s AC and Heating get the highest return for your cooling dollar, protecting warranty coverage and extending service life.

Keep your cool with regular A/C service!

LetBroom’s AC and Heating handle yearly check-ups, and you can count on your air conditioner to last longer, provide more dependable service, and meet your comfort expectations.  There’s a very good reason why all HVAC manufacturers recommend professional maintenance and include it as a stipulation of warranty coverage.  Conscientious troubleshooting eliminates the majority of repair needs, restores system efficiency, and significantly lengthens lifespan.  Your overall satisfaction with your cooling system is greatly impacted by the frequency and quality of proactive service.  The qualified technicians fromBroom’s AC and Heating target service at the specific needs of home and business owners in Houston and across Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish and the entire Northshore.  We recognize the intense use and weather extremes your system is expected to handle throughout the long, brutal summer.  Through knowledgeable inspection, we identify any issues with wear and tear, dust accumulation, or faulty parts.  We make necessary adjustments, replacements, and perform a complete cleaning.  We stop mold, mildew, and bacteria before it gets started, optimizing filtration, preventing contamination of your breathing air, and virtually eliminating the need for duct cleaning.

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