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If you’re considering the installation or retrofit of a new cooling system, Broom’s AC and Heating provides the quality products, expert workmanship, and affordable service you need to complete your project to your highest expectations.  Living in Louisiana or the surrounding areas, air conditioning is a necessity.  You need dependable, economical, and consistent temperature control that will hold up under extreme use and weather.  That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of luxury as well.  By bringing you state-of-the-art options at the most competitive prices, Broom’s AC and Heating improves your way of life.  We combine durability with innovative features, putting more precise control, greater accessibility, and ease-of-adjustment right at your fingertips.  With proper sizing, accurate recommendations, and meticulous installation, our NATE-certified professionals ensure a rewarding experience and long-term value.

A/C installation completed by a professional!

Improvements in engineering and groundbreaking technology have opened up wonderful opportunities for greater efficiency, capacity, and convenience from your cooling system.  As an American Standard Comfort Dealer, Broom’s AC and Heating offers a wide range of styles and sizes, including variable speed air conditioners that actively work to maximize home comfort at lower operating costs.  These intelligent systems respond to varying indoor and outdoor conditions, adapting compressor and fan speeds to provide consistent temperatures within a half of a degree of the thermostat setting.  Making adjustments in one-tenth of one percent increments ensures the greatest possible dehumidification, amazingly low sound levels, and ensures that the AccuComfort system is still operating when competing products are cycling on and off. AccuClean technology removes up to 99.98% of unwanted allergens down to .1 micron from the filtered air.  To put that in perspective, a mold spore is anywhere from 10 to 30 microns in size.  AccuClean technology is 100 times more powerful than a standard one-inch throwaway filter.

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